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    NBN Compliance

    How will the NBN affect your Back toMany types of devices that are normally connected to phone lines such as; medical and security alarms, EFTPOS and fax machines, lift phones and fire indicator panels can work over the NBN. However you will need to order the right type of service over the NBN to make sure they continue to work correctly.

    In addition there are some additional equipment choices that will ensure you have un-interrupted service for your alarm system, when switching over to the NBN i.e. One Off Capital Purchase of a GPRS Communicator device supplied and installed by NSI. This investment will be easily balanced out by any additional costs that will be incurred with some of the affects of the NBN on your alarm system.

    It’s very important that you call New Security Installations for advice before moving to the NBN.

    Please contact us for additional information, or to see if this is a solution for your business needs.

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    What Our Clients Say:

    At Worldwide Online Printing here in Caboolture we switched to New Security Installations Pty Ltd approximately two and a half years ago through a change of ownership of our previous security electronic monitoring provider. The fees for New Security Installations are far more cost effective than our previous provider and in fact a large difference from what we had being paying for in our branch that we had had for several years in the CBD Brisbane.

    Bryan Langler and his team have given us excellent service over this time and having an electronic PDF file emailed to me each Monday morning with who opened up-closed up and exact time is an added bonus.

    Chris Woodman, Worldwide Online Printing