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    About Us

    Home Security Systems, Alarm Monitoring, Business Security Systems“NSI” is a fully Australian owned and operated business with Bryan Langler as the Managing Director. The business was born with a passion to protect clients, offering good customer service and providing value for money with the clear intent to build a solid business.

    Bryan grew up on the Sunshine Coast moving away to pursue a career as an Army Officer and then worked for 18 years as a Security Consultant in Sydney. Returning “Home” Bryan was keen to bring another professional dimension to clients “Security Risk Management” needs so an office of ”NSI” was established here on the Sunshine Coast in July 2006.

    NSI offers the following – “All Inclusive” Professional Service:

    • To reprogram your security system with new user codes as required and ensure that all key holders have their own individual code so that a clear audit trail may be produced to show who entered the facility and when.
    • Record Individual passwords for each key holder so that they may be easily and accurately identified over the telephone when speaking with control room staff.
    • Monitor each security system to ensure the site is secure with the alarm armed at the close of business each day.
    • Tighten control of Security Systems to ensure that coverage is adequate and that no system is allowed to have menacing false alarms.
    • Outsource Alarm response to Patrol companies and monitor the effectiveness of services provided based on our clients requirements.

    And if requested, we can also send out weekly “open / close reports” from our office showing by name who opened and who closed and at what time. These reports are free of charge.

    Contract Term

    We have no lock in contracts – our business is based on a very high level of professional customer support.

    To this end – we want our customers to remain using our service because they see value in what they receive – not because they have to – due to being locked in for a 3 or 5 year term.

    Payment Terms

    Billing is offered as follows: Annually in advance – allowing us to keep our administration costs to a minimum and to concentrate on what we do best – We look after our clients “Security Risk Management” needs.

    Monitoring Services are billed annually in advance – in other words the cost for each site is $8.80 x 52 weeks x 10% GST = $503.36.

    If at any time a client wishes to cancel our services (For whatever reason) a full refund is offered of the unused complete calendar months that remain before the next billing cycle.

    At $8.80 excluding GST per week per site we offer your client the following service Australia Wide:

    • 24/7 Back-to-Base Alarm monitoring with an ASIAL rated Grade 1 monitoring station
    • Early to Open & Late to Close alarm response. (If your client has someone open a site or forget to close a site outside of their authorised schedule for the alarm – key holders will be advised)
    • A weekly audit trail on staff access via an email report to managers of our client’s choice.
    • 24 /7 Security System unlimited remote upload/download management and support.
    • 24/7 unlimited Client Alarm Code changes. We recommend clients use 5 digit code lengths.
    • Daily (365 days per year) proactive review of your client’s past 24 hour alarm history as seen by the control room.
    • Exception reports of past 24 hour alarm activity are actioned – by either:
      1. arranging alarm service calls Australia Wide for our clients or
      2. advising your nominated service company to conduct necessary repairs as required

      E.g. Detectors false alarming or low batteries etc.

    Administer and co-ordinate timely alarm responses nationally for clients. Billing for alarm responses are generally from our company direct at an agreed rate of $85.00 plus GST per response which includes the first 30 minutes on site.

    Most importantly 24/7 access to our Managing Director “Bryan Langler” for a much personalised customer support to any of your staff or directors. We do not hide behind control room staff.

    It would be our privilege to be of service to you and I look forward to discussing your requirements further.

    What Our Clients Say:

    At Worldwide Online Printing here in Caboolture we switched to New Security Installations Pty Ltd approximately two and a half years ago through a change of ownership of our previous security electronic monitoring provider. The fees for New Security Installations are far more cost effective than our previous provider and in fact a large difference from what we had being paying for in our branch that we had had for several years in the CBD Brisbane.

    Bryan Langler and his team have given us excellent service over this time and having an electronic PDF file emailed to me each Monday morning with who opened up-closed up and exact time is an added bonus.

    Chris Woodman, Worldwide Online Printing